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i know so many women of color of all ages and backgrounds who cant enjoy sex because they were fed so much negative shit about it that they just do it to not lose their significant others. sexual dysfunction is ridiculously high among women of all sorts. no one cares why but my guess is patriarchal society is the problem! why else is it so many women just cant escape all those feelings of shame and guilt and just be in the moment?

to think that “sex is good and perfectly normal” is obvious to everyone or “offensive to state”. seriously? i do not even know what to call that shit except willfully ignant. that anybody would be able to type out some long ass diatribe as to why the bolded is “obvious, offensive and unnecessary to be talking about”, but NOT somehow grasp what i said in the 1st paragraph….no words. none at all. :|

ima guess its coming from people who would NOT be disowned and shunned forever by all their family and town if they got drunk in a bar and showed their tits.

ima start calling that slutty privilege and its something thats usually only afforded to white girls. and then they go talmbout “who needs sex positivity?”. yeah, clearly YOU dont, but since you aint the only ones on earth you can kindly STFU while others who DONT have even a speck of that slutty privilege do whatever THEY can to be as fully human as they can be…in a world that doesnt allow them that at all.

Of course. It’s the Madonna/Whore dichotomy that white women can easily switch from. White woman’s privilege allows them to be seen as people with sex drives, while POC are sex drives that happen to be people. Why else do you think we have all the damn stereotypes. The Jezebel. The Fiery Latina. The Dragon Lady. The Mandingo. The Latin Lover. The Sexless Asian man. Only white people have “normal” sex drives. Only white people have sexualities that are mainstream. Us brown people ain’t nothing but fetishes.

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    This is why I could never get into sex positivity. It seems like such a white movement. All of the “sex-positive” images...
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    saying NO. saying no. i wish i knew this. oh how i wish i knew my body was mine. its deeper than saying no. its knowing...
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    I related to that bolded bit so much. Because I came out when I was 15, but I struggled with that and the...
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    Okay ? I STILL am not comfortable with my body outside of my disordered eating. My portions , unless I am grossly...
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    i’m looking forward to that day. i also totes agree with you re: i will NOT repeat that dynamic with my daughter.
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    An antho about being a WOC, sexuality, & culture would be the move. I’m in.
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    Bloody fuckin hell….I’m reading through all of this and thanking whatever deity out there that I was privileged enough...
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