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Tiger Traceur: Correct If I’m Wrong but….





So your saying that white people don’t have any problems because they are white? And if they do have problems, their problems don’t matter or aren’t as bad because, again, they are white?

So the possible raising of taxes, home foreclosures, high interest rates on loans, little or no medical care and insurance, and unemployment, etc, are all just minority issues and minority issues only???

White people can’t be apart of the 99% for the simple fact that they are white and they have this so-called “privilege”. 

What kind of imaginary world to you guys live in where you don’t realize that we are all in this together? And the only way we are going to get out of it is to work together.

These problems don’t just effect the minorities. People who were once considered middle class are struggling to stay there (black, white, & Latino). EVERYONE is losing their jobs. EVERYONE is struggling to stay above water while having the banks and loan companies breathing down their necks. EVERYONE is fighting for health care! 

How dare you assume that white people have it better just because they are white and that their problems will just go away because of the color of their skin. 

I don’t know how you can be ignorant enough to sit behind a computer screen and say that white people are not Troy Davis or are not part of the 99% and call yourself educated in the same breath. 

You guys are spewing out nothing but hatred and racism! Oh, excuse me…minorities (especially black people) are exempt from being racist. That is pure bullshit and you know it but you just want an excuse to be able to say whatever you want to say. 

If you truly believe in your heart of hearts that white people cannot be Troy Davis and that white people are not a part of the 99%, go to knock on your nearest white neighbor’s door and ask them how they are doing under this economy. But you won’t do that because, according to you, white people are all rich liars who don’t have any problems and don’t deserve to have a voice.

i feel you! Im biracial and I always thought of it this way. Yes, minorites DID have it harder being racially discriminated against but not to the degree that it use to be. Racism will always exist, but would somebody realize it comes in many OTHER forms than just the “white man” bringin down the black man. I never understood why there were scholarships for just being black because if there were scholarships for just being white it would be deemed as racist. I’d rather it go to the one with the lowest income that worked the hardest to achieve it, whatever the race. I feel like economically, white people are surrounded in the saaame predicaments as any other race. It is rare that someone loses their job because of their race anymore. The ethnocentric thinking of anyone being better off in this economic is absurd. If the economy turns around I seriously DOUBT employers will look at race as a qualifier to hire folks. 

The fact that you don’t know that A) scholarships exist explicitly for white people (Google by ethnicity like Polish, Irish, Italian, British and you’ll find them)  B) white people are awarded more than 95% of all scholarship funds in the U.S.  C) ethnic scholarships are private money that can have any criteria they like D) black scholarship funds exist because of Jim Crow laws (you know things like segregation which meant that black people couldn’t go to the same schools or apply for the same scholarships) and the ongoing discrimination against black people (see that aforementioned scholarship stat for white people) means that .25% of funds that are explicitly for black people aren’t exactly unfair?  Also if you think that racial discrimination against black people isn’t happening in the workplace or elsewhere? You haven’t been paying attention. Google is your friend. Start with the consequences of having a “black sounding” name move onto which group has been hardest hit by the recession and follow that up with a look at the breakdown of median income by race. Follow that with the wealth gap by race. We are not all suffering in this recession the same way.  Among other things historically POC have been prevented from accessing education, wealth building (Google redlining, homeownership, inheritance laws and race), & without those cushions? We’re among the hardest hit. Educate yourself about what it means to be black in America before you spout this ignorant BS in support of bigots who also don’t know any history or social context.

Whoa child. First of all google is about as credible resource as barney and friends. You want real facts? How bout giving me shit from the PEW RESEARCH CENTER which stated just last year that the ratio between the black&white standard of living is becoming increasingly smaller than it has been ten years ago. Therefore the economy is affecting EVERYONE as the original post stated. 
Jim Crow Laws were immediately deemed unconstitutional with the signing of the CIVIL RIGHTS ACT OF 1964 which prohibited discrimination based on race, color, religion,  or national origin and prohibited any state enforcing a law that denys a natural citizens these rights. There is no correlation between Jim Crow Laws and private funding for American American scholarships. Jim Crow laws gave racists temporary legal rights to refuse service (public and private) to blacks. 
Also the wealth gap by race is not a good arguement because there are still more whites in this country than there are blacks by a greaaaat margin. In fact according the the new 2010 census there is more of an increase in hispanics in the US than blacks. So to say that white people are wealthier is absurd because there are more white people, which economic incomes widely vary, than there are of a smaller sample group of African Americans whose economic incomes widely vary.
Also, ‘white’ kids are ‘awarded’ more scholarships because they’re going to college! From the PEW RESEARCH CENTER, it states that blacks have the lowest High school graduation rate in the US. Hell yeah they’re only getting 25% (if thats even a real demographic) of scholarships because they just might be the only ones that can use them. Even the JOURNAL OF BLACKS IN HIGHER EDUCATION noted that even though there has been an increase of blacks graduating from college, it is only at 46% and women are the ones graduating more than men.
Hell yeah there’s discrimination against blacks. It happens in the street in the workplace, anywhere. But to say that you’re skin color means that when big corporations cut jobs to move them overseas is a croc. Multi-billion dollar corporations dont give two shits. Your job is cut. They dont care if you’re black. If you’re job is gone so is your healthcare and your home. THESE ARE THE MAJOR FACTORS OF THIS ECONOMIC DOWNFALL. That has NOTHING to do with race.

And I am very well educated bitch. What I hate, is cop-outs who cry “its harder for me because I am black.” Stop complaining about your life and use it to make you stronger. Using “the all-mighty white man” as a crutch to explain the faults of the majority of the African-American population is also racist. You are being racist against white people by thinking they are granted immunity from being the 99% of Americans who are not doing so well now. You want things to change? Overcome the injustices you think that plague you and prove people wrong. 

Little girl, if you knew anything you’d consult some primary sources (like the ones I linked & a few dozen more) that debunk the fiction you keep telling yourself about being black in America. Dealing with reality is the first step to overcoming injustice. Of course that would require you to spend less time cursing and more time reading. Changes in law? Don’t make changes in reality. Jim Crow laws were already a violation of the Constitution, but they were able to stand for so long because no one was enforcing it. If you can’t grasp the math that shows that more black people are going to college doesn’t equal them being only .25% of the population? Then you’re too damned stupid to comprehend any other problems with your argument. And look, I did all of that without stooping to misogyny. But make no mistake, calling folks out of their name doesn’t help your argument. Ad hominem attacks. Look that up, while you figure out that you’re supposed to use Google as a tool to find reliable primary sources and accurately interpret the data. Take another stats class boo. You didn’t comprehend it, critical thinking skills, or logic and reasoning the first time.

Wait, she’s talking about Pew research??? Last I checked, the wealth gap is STILL TREMENDOUS.

And then there’s the school to prison pipeline that disproportionately affects black folks more than whites…

Oh and let us not forget how white felons have a higher chance of getting a job than a black man with a squeaky clean record….

But Karnythia, girl… You know us uppity negroes ain’t supposed to complain about massa! Massa done treated us good, ya hear?

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